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How do I Add Outlook E-mail to my iOS Device?
Last Updated 8 years ago

How to add Outlook E-mail to your iOS Device 

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Add Account.
Add Account

3. Choose Exchange.

4. Enter your credentials into the text boxes. Enter your usual school e-mail address and password into the fields provided. You may give the account a personalized description. Press Next to proceed.
Enter Credentials

5. Enter into the Server field. Enter sasd into the Domain field. Your username should not include the "". Your password is your usual e-mail password. Press Next to continue.
Server Domain

6. You may now choose the categories that will be synced with your device. When you are satisfied with your selections, press Save.
Categories to Sync

7. Under settings, you should now see an Exchange account listed under Accounts.

8. If you select Exchange, you will see the details of your account. There is an option to delete the account from the device, should you ever wish to do so. You can also adjust the items being synced to your device.
Account Options

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