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How to connect to your Home Share ("H: Drive") from a Mac
Last Updated 8 years ago

1. From the desktop, click Go. From the drop-down menu, click Connect to Server.
Go and Connect to Server

2. In the Connect to Server window, enter, where "yourusername" is the first part of your school e-mail account. For example, if your e-mail is, then yourusername = jschmoe. Click Connect to continue.
Enter Server Address and Connect

3. You will now be prompted to enter your credentials. Enter your network username and password. Again, your username SHOULD NOT include the ""! The password is your usual e-mail password. Click Connect to proceed.
Username Password then Connect

4. You will now see the contents of your teacher folder.
Viewing Teacher Folder

5. A handy drive will also appear on the desktop that will allow you to access the contents of your folder quickly.
Teacher Drive Icon

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