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Emails requesting access to document
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you get an email requesting access from one of your students:

  1. The student is not logged into their school Google account. You can tell by looking at who requested it. Is it a account? This can happen if they are using a personal device that has other users logged in. Best solution is to have them click the letter in the top right and “Sign out”. They can login again with their Shamokin credentials.
  1. The student did not first click on “view assignment” but instead clicked directly on the PDF/DOC/Sheet/etc. When the student clicks on “View assignment” Google will create a copy for that student. (If the assignment is setup to “make a copy for student”)
Also remind students to click “Turn in” and don’t share it to you. TIP- If it is a Google Slide, students will not get the option to turn in directly from the document. They instead will need to complete the changes and then close Google slide, go back into the assignment and submit it there.

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