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How do I record a lesson?
Last Updated 2 years ago

You have a lot of options to record a lesson. Some of you feel comfortable recording with your phone or an ipad. Google Meet allows you to record just yourself or your screen and automatically adds it to your google drive.
*We DO NOT recommend recording lessons where you are actively educating students.*
Google meet is setup so only teachers have access to recording and not students.

-Go to
-Click Join or Start a Meeting.
-Give your meeting a Name.
-Click Continue
-Click Join Now
-Click on the "X" when the “add others” box pops up.

-If you would like to show your desktop or maybe a power-point, you can click “Present Now”>”your entire screen”. This will show your screen on the video.

-Now to record, on the bottom right of your screen you will see 3 dots. Click them and then select “Record Meeting”.

-When you are finished recording, go back to the three dots and click “Stop Recording”.

-You video will automatically be added to your google drive under a folder called “meet recordings”. I suggest renaming the video before adding it your google classroom.

Adding to video lesson to Google Classroom-

You can easily add your video lessons in google classroom by creating a new assignment and clicking “Add”. Here you will see your Google drive containing your video.

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